WorkHEALTH: Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

CWRS injury management and injury prevention services are aimed at providing employers and their employees with a safe workplace, by providing a proactive and caring approach to the health and safety of their employees.  CWRS aims to minimise injuries and maximise productivity in the workforce.

Nowadays workers lead such sedentary lifestyles outside of work (computers, IPAD’s, television, long commutes), diet and nutrition choices are often less than ideal, and a workers health and fitness often takes a back seat.  Combine these factors with a later retirement age, and we are finding more and more that employees are working for longer, but still needing to meet the often high level of physical demands of their employed role.  A worker that was employed in their twenties, but still working in their 50’s and 60’s may struggle to remain fit and healthy to ensure their safety at work, and to meet the employers ongoing requirement for productivity.

What is WorkHEALTH?

CWRS WorkHEALTH program is individualised to the unique needs of each corporate customer and is tailored to the demands of work and the physical demands of the job.  Programs can be offered to specific individuals, or can be offered to groups.

Our major aim is to empower employees through motivation and education so that workers may take ownership of their health by engaging in various healthy lifestyle practices.  This will ultimately lead to a stronger, fitter, healthier and more productive workforce.

A typical WorkHEALTH program may include the following:

  • Medical assessment for at risk individuals by the employees own doctor,  company doctor or our affiliate doctors at Healthworx to provide approval to participate in the programme.
  • Detailed health and fitness assessments
  • Goal setting
  • Individualised exercise and strength programs
  • Functional work related activity programs
  • Advice in relation to nutrition and sleep
  • Appropriate outcome measures to ensure participants are able to gauge their progress towards meeting their goals
  • Education sessions on various healthy lifestyle topics.
  • Support to achieve long term behaviour change for those with chronic conditions and injury

What does WorkHEALTH achieve?

  • Increased morale in the workforce
  • Improved energy in participants which ultimately increases worker productivity
  • Stronger muscles, improved movement patterns and improved sleep all contribute to a safer workplace
  • Reduced weight (for candidates who require this)
  • Improved heart and lung health