Pre Employment Assessments

CWRS offers pre-employment functional assessments and pre-employment medical assessments to employers and businesses in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.  Pre employment functional assessments can be offered onsite in Gladstone, and by appointment (travel cost applied) in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Pre-employment assessments provide employers with valuable information about prospective employees to assist in the recruitment process.  Matching a worker to a job ensures a “best fit” between employer and employee, leading to improved productivity and reduced risk of injury.

To ensure relevance, the pre-employment functional assessment should be tailored to the organisation and directly relate to the essential physical demands of the workers position.  This information can be provided to us by the employer, or for more complicated roles, CWRS can conduct a workplace assessment to conduct a formal task analysis.

Coastal Work and Rehabilitation Solutions, has partnered with HealthWorx to offer:

  • Pre-employment functional assessments
  • Pre-employment medicals (including options for spirometry, audiometry, drug and alcohol testing)
  • Employee Health Screening and Health Checks, Workplace and Industrial Assessments for employees, workplace immunisations and limited mobile and other tailored services are available upon request.

CWRS provides:

  • The ability to make one referral to arrange both functional AND medical testing, reducing un-necessary administration time for the employer.
  • Experienced practitioners in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Occupational Medicine
  • An excellent understanding on the need for time efficiency, accuracy in reporting, and a prompt turnaround of information.

How To Refer?

CWRS uses the facilities at our partner company to conduct these assessments. Please contact Coastal Physiotherapy on 5443 6634 if you would like to arrange an appointment for BOTH a functional AND a medical assessment.

If you would like a functional assessment only, then please contact Coastal Physiotherapy on 5443 6634.

If you would like to arrange a medical ONLY, please call HealthWorx on 5443 9455.