On-Site Physiotherapy Services

Staff are your most valuable and most expensive asset!

All employers know that your most valuable asset is your staff. Employers will also understand the indirect costs associated with having a staff member off work as the result of a musculo-skeletal injury: lost time, reduced productivity, medical expenses, increased wages for casual staff to cover the injured worker, time spent training new staff, and increased productivity expectations on your remaining staff (which can increase their own risk of a musculo-skeletal injury).

Managing health and safety at work, and proactively managing employee health makes good business sense. INJURIES COST EMPLOYERS MONEY! Workplaces with good health and safety practices become more attractive to workers and employers of choice.

How can Coastal Work and Rehabilitation Solutions help?

CWRS employs a team of Physiotherapists who specialise in the treatment and management of work related injuries, and are specialists in vocational rehabilitation.

CWRS can place a Physiotherapist in your organisation to treat your workers on-site. Treatment appointments can be offered for durations of 20 or 30 minutes per appointment, and can range in time blocks, from a minimum of 2-3 hours per week. The Physiotherapist will bring all necessary equipment with them, including a treatment bed, and provide management with updated information relating to all workers on a weekly basis. With awareness of the return to work process, treatment can be tailored to the needs of the business.

Benefits of On-Site Physiotherapy

  • Provides early intervention and a proactive, rather than reactive approach to employee health
  • Prevents “niggles” developing into extensive and chronic injuries
  • Improves morale and employee’s job satisfaction
  • Increases productivity, by maintaining employees at work
  • Prevents injuries
  • Reduces lost time injuries
  • Provides insight into consistent patterns of injuries, and development of guidelines for future prevention of injury

If on-site physiotherapy does not suit the size and practicality of your business or you do not have the room to allocate to an on-site physiotherapist, CWRS offers additional  packages for businesses through our WorkFIT program for your employees to attend in our physiotherapy practice.  To determine what package would suit your organisation best, please contact Nicole Marshall on 0411 360 811.