Injury Prevention

CWRS offers comprehensive injury prevention services to employers and businesses in Maroochydore, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and north to Gympie, Maryborough and Bundaberg.  Services include on-site physiotherapy, manual handling training, risk assessment, suitable duties programs, pre-employment assessments, medical assessment, and task analysis

CWRS has developed two innovative service models for our corporate customers to assist businesses with injury prevention, thereby reducing your injury rates, minimising lost time injuries and reducing your workers compensation claims: WorkSAFE and WorkFIT.

To find out more about the WorkFIT and WorkSAFE service delivery models, and to determine which service would be the best fit for your business, please contact Nicole Marshall on 0411 360 811 and book a FREE 1 hour workplace “Discovery” session.


Musculoskeletal disorders account for the bulk of the injuries caused in Australian Workplaces. WorkSAFE provides employers with guidance for best practice to eliminate injuries and/or minimise their impact if they do occur.

The Hazardous manual tasks regulation 2011 (chapter 4, part 4.2) states that “a person conducting a business or undertaking must manage risks to health and safety relating to a musculoskeletal disorder associated with a hazardous manual tasks”.

A hazardous manual task is defined as a task that requires a person to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise move, hold or restrain any person, animal or thing involving one or more of the following: repetitive or sustained forces, high or sudden force, repetitive movement, sustained or awkward posture or exposure to vibration.

The WorkSAFE program offers the following services to assist organisations to meet their requirements for employee safety, and to ensure a healthy and productive workforce:

  • Safety at Work Manual Handling Training: a unique training program that reflects your organisations specific manual handling risk factors, provides training in risk assessment for your workers, and is industry specific through the use of on-site photographs and video footage.
  • Post injury support and mentoring:  An experienced Occupational Therapist will support you to ensure that you achieve an early and appropriate return to work, critical in the early stages of injury management.
  • Task Analysis: a detailed analysis of the job components which is useful in liaising with the GP about an injured worker, identifying appropriate suitable duties, developing relevant pre-employment assessments and it will highlight task that may benefit from further risk management.
  • Risk Assessmentsupporting employers to identify hazards, assess the risks as a result of the hazard, their level of severity and support the best approach to control these hazards/risks.
  • Pre-Employment Functional and Medical Assessment: An objective assessment of a person’s ability to perform the essential physical demands of a job, therefore screening for a workforce that is the “best fit” for the job.


WorkFIT is designed for employers who want to be industry leaders in the proactive management of employee health and safety.  WorkFIT employs experienced therapists to treat musculo-skeletal complaints before they become a problem and provide solutions for managing an injury free workplace. Musculo-skeletal strains and sprains often account for the largest expense in statutory claims.

The WorkFIT program will:

  • Prevent minor aches and pains from becoming acute and chronic injury
  • Prevent minor injuries from developing into WorkCover claims
  • Reduce employee absenteeism and lost time injuries
  • Increase productivity by maintaining employers at work
  • Improve morale and job satisfaction resulting in less staff turnover and higher productivity
  • Encourages a healthy workforce

Through our WorkFIT program employers are able to offer either on-site or off-site rehabilitation with a Physiotherapist, with close liaison with a GP experienced in Occupational Medicine.

The WorkFIT program offers employers:

  • On-site rehabilitation for your workers: An experienced Physiotherapist will assess, treat and provide injury management advice to your workers in your workplace. Or an experienced exercise physiologist can tailor exercise programs to particular workers.
  • Off-site rehabilitation for your workers: Experienced physiotherapist’s will provide assessment and treatment services outside of work hours, at Coastal Physiotherapy, the rehabilitation arm of CWRS.
  • Referral to an experienced Occupational Therapist or GP for complicated injuries